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Bags big sale replica Tears of Themis Posts tagged tears of themis trans online business for sale

Tears of Themis Posts tagged tears of themis trans Location Zuo Ran Office (Soon after I handed over all the evidence to the prosecutors, the criminal court began to oversee Lu HaiYang poisoning case. Thanks to the conclusive evidence they had on the incident, Lu HaiYang was convicted of the crime and incarcerated to start serving his sentence. Fang Yuan QingPing Restaurant, was deemed not at fault, and the settlement was excused. Instead, the compensation will become Lu HaiYang liability. It was said that during Lu HaiYang trial, he exposed many of the illegal business practices at MeiWeiKa, especially employing scare tactics and intimidation toward restaurant owners, and now, MeiWeiKa is under investigation. With that, the launch of the platform app was indefinitely delayed, dragging all their investors with it.) are you thinking about? thought about the case we had just closed, and Fang Yuan pained expression would always come to mind. I zoned out hard, and after a long while, I finally noticed that Zuo Ran was trying to get my attention.) sorry! Lawyer Zuo, were you calling me? Ran: the trial, why did you hand over the hidden security footage directly? It not your style. I know that what Mr. Fang would have really wanted me to do. It doesn keep Lu HaiYang out of trouble, but this way, it really help him reform. If I omitted the footage, Lu HaiYan would have escaped his crimes and never learned. He would only continue to walk down the wrong path, and MeiWeiKa wrongdoings wouldn have been exposed either. Ran: [Previous Part] [Masterlist] [Next Part] (Wednesday, the court was called to order. I sat in the court waiting room, looking at the memory card that Xue XinRan had handed me, and couldn help but feel troubled.)Xue XinRan: Fang told me before that there was actually a hidden camera inside the kitchen. It was something that Lu HaiYang had suggested for Grandpa hermes deluxe replica Fang to install. It was to make sure that none of the employees slack off, but who would thought Grandpa Fang wishes for this piece of evidence not to be used in the case unless it absolutely necessary. Otherwise, he would feel like he had personally sent Lu HaiYang to prison, and he have to live with a guilty conscience. ends (In the footage, at 7:32AM on the day of the incident, Lu HaiYang can be clearly seen removing the water pump from the container and dumping Insect Repellent 330 into it. Then, Lu HaiYang seemed to be afraid that the concentration was too high, so he dumped out a portion of the contaminated water and refilled the spring water container with tap water. Then, Lu HaiYang disappears from the footage for several minutes. I guessing that when he feared the dosage would be too weak to cause a reaction and tampered with the water pump in order to add pesticide in the water chamber. However, this theory can be supported with security footage, nor did Fang Yuan see it with his own eyes. The existence of this footage explains why Mr. Fang was so sure that the culprit was Lu HaiYang, yet he did not clean the water pump.)HaiYang must have been struggling with his conscience But in the end, the thirst for monetary success blinded him when I held the incriminating evidence in my hand, I didn feel happy. Just then, my phone vibrated as Xia Yan text message pops up on the screen.)super detective that helped me with the case can make it today? Sigh I was hoping that he get to see the verdict Ran stood in front of the windows in his office, lost in thought. He pulled out his phone and dialed.) Yi, it me. I found a suitable candidate for our investigative group. According to protocol, all we need is for you to administer the psychological assessment. Ran:discussing work. I don need you to concern yourself with my personal matters. Ran:I set up an appointment for her to come and see you as soon as possible. I call upon the plaintiff lawyer to state the litigation request.

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