Best replica Poppet Hair free shipping sale online

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Best replica Poppet Hair free shipping sale online

Poppet Hair Just one hair in this hermes slides twilly replica post because I lazy!ufhaircrown replaced with Peggy 8028 8079, both roughly 15k polys. Teens elders get a hair accessory for everyday, formal and outerwear, while other categories have just the hair. I added files for toddlers and children, but they also get just the hair because, again, I lazy. I didn bother enabling the hatless state in catalog because Sims will get it if you select the one with accessory, but let me know if it something you really want. It also has some strange transparency issues on the very front, but it isn very noticeable, considering I just noticed it as I looking at these preview pictures.I thinking about changing up my preview pics to just using bodyshop since I got SMAA to work and my Bodyshop pics look a lot cleaner now (and also it easier and I lazy, so I can actually upload cc once I finished it rather than waiting for free time to pose sims).ufhaircornrowslong replaced with Nouk Thin Braids, 4000 polys. All ages and all in one file.Download bun bald_bare!ufhairpagepunk replaced with Ade Katy, 9400 polys. Child elder.Download pagepunk! unnat swatchI had to make a few unnatural recolours of Ade Katy for the replacement, but I ended up making recolours in all of Poppet unnaturals and wyxii mint. All ages, binned as unnatural.

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