Buying replica What Michael Jordan and Kobe Taught Tim Grover about free shipping

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Buying replica What Michael Jordan and Kobe Taught Tim Grover about free shipping

What Michael Jordan and Kobe Taught Tim Grover about We like to think that we have a lot of winners on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, whether they are in real estate or not. We may have one of the biggest winners on today show. Tim Grover, trainer to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant joins us to talk about overcoming adversity, developing a winning mindset, finding what makes you fail, and his new book, accurately titled Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness. Tim argues that one of the hardest things to succeed i want to sell my hermes replica constance box purse in is business since there are so many factors that influence success. When you own or run a business, you’re constantly being thrown curveballs (like a global pandemic tied with government shutdowns). So how do you succeed when there is a constantly changing game plan? You adapt, you overcome, and you mitigate failure. These are the exact lessons that Tim taught to his high profile clients, like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, arguably the two greatest basketball players of all time. Before MJ and Kobe became the best, they had to master being average, then being good, then being great. So many people want to take shortcuts to greatness, not understanding that mastering those different levels is what truly puts you on a different stage than those who master the average level and give up. This is the BiggerPockets podcast, show 471. A lot of people can adapt, but do you have the ability to overcome? That the thing. Adapting just means, right, I settling for what going on now, and I just trying to survive. And there too many people that are just trying to survive, to survive in business, survive in life. Listen, you not here to survive, you here to thrive. And in order for you to thrive, you have to figure out a way to overcome. You listening to BiggerPockets radio, simplifying real estate for investors, large and small. If you here looking to learn about real estate investing, without all the hype, you in the right place. What going on to bonus, Brandon Turner, host of the BiggerPockets podcast here with my co host Mr. David, always winning Greene. What up David Greene. What a phenomenal show we about to do. Man, I am just so full of something, I don know what to call it. Last time I felt this way was when we interviewed Ed Mylett, where you just feel like you could just run through a brick wall and you want to. Yeah, we just got finished recording. We just in the introduction right now. But this show is so full of good stuff. I joked afterwards, I wanted to run inspirational music through the entire episode, because it like one of those you just want to run. So our guest today is Tim Grover. If you not familiar with Tim Grover, he is the he even says in the interview trainer is the wrong word, but the guy who helped Sports [inaudible 00:01:36] helped Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and a whole lot of other people become who they are. In fact, the cover of Tim new book, he had a book called Winning, it is phenomenal. That our quick tip for today is to pick up a copy of his book. But the cover of his book has this quote from Michael Jordan, yes, the Michael Jordan, Tim Grover was by my side for 15 years and knows more than anyone about building winners. This book is essential for those who want to be the best at whatever they do and are willing to pay the price to get there. So whether you want to be the best at real estate investing, at entrepreneurship, at being a good husband, wife, father, mother, whether you just wanted to have a really good looking garden. Whatever it is you want to be the best at, this interview is going to help you get there. I think you going to like it a lot. So man, it just so good. You may have read that one or the huge book from a few years ago. Yeah, Bestseller, very popular book. And he got a new one now called Winning. So that a wrap for the intro. Anything else you want to cover here, David? This guy, Tim Grover, for all of you listeners out there that may not have heard of him, we talking about a person that takes Lamborghinis and makes them work better, right? There a handful of people in the entire world that can do what Tim does and has had the experience. How many people would say, I love to sit down and have a lunch with Michael Jordan and pick his brain. This guy spent years with not only Michael Jordan, but Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, the top athletes in the world, impacting into them and pulling out of them, right? How much did Tim get from working with people like that? And now he bringing it to us and our audience to help everybody here, regardless of what your goals are, regardless of what game you are playing in, and regardless of what winning means to you, to teach you how to do it better. Tim, if you listening, thank you very much for doing the show and for bringing your A game. You easily could have showed up and just slacked off and treated it like it was a scrimmage. But that wouldn be what a cleaner does. Yeah, that not what Tim does. Make sure you guys listen also. If you only can listen to half this interview right now because you on a commute and you get out of the car, please listen to the entire thing. The last half, the last even 15 minutes are so life changing and emotional to a degree that I don think we ever quite done on the show before. So I think listen for that, stay tuned. And with that, let get to today show. All right, Tim, welcome to the BiggerPockets podcast, man. It is an honor to have you here. Oh, thank you guys. It an honor for me to be here. But when you started, you said five, four, three, two, one, we already down four seconds. I got four seconds or less time to talk to you guys. Can we just go on one next time? All right. Well, then you don know if I cutting up or down. I got to start on two because then you know I cutting down. Otherwise, it a mess. All right. For those who don know who you are, let go into a background. I mean, you worked with a lot of big people. I mean, I got a whole introduction here, I could read, but I want to know from your world, who are you? What do you do? Well, my official title when I was training, majority of the professional athletes, I had to come up with something because I just didn like trainer. I was like, spent too much time in school to be just labeled as a trainer. So I came up with a sports enhancement specialists, which has taken athletes at the highest level and making them even better. I don quite do as much as that now, we still consult for a lot of teams, but I more in the mindset space. And what I do now is teach people the ability to understand and see what winning is all about. And do you find there a lot of connection between the sport world and the business or just mindset world? Oh, 100%. I mean, listen, I think it actually even more competitive in a business world, because listen, you go to the sports world, let say NFL football, they play one game a week. Sometimes two, they got to play on a Thursday. You literally have scouts playbooks of the other. You know what the other team going to run. You have people watching. You know their offenses, you know their defenses, and you have a whole week to prepare for it. Think about it in the entrepreneur space, in the business space, you can literally wake up and have to have a brand new game plan because something happened in the world, which is obviously we know it already did happen, or something happened in your life. So you have to be able to adjust and pivot and be able to understand and move with these different things as quickly as you do. And to me, yeah, a professional athlete may be competing from a physical standpoint, but from a mental standpoint, we all competing, and the people in the business world actually have to compete from a mental standpoint more often and more frequently than the professional athlete. That reminds me if all of a sudden the NBA announced, by the way, there now four baskets. Today you going to have to play in four baskets instead of two. The entire landscape could change. That doesn happen in sports, but yeah, business overnight. Oh, by the way, that doesn work anymore. By the way that policy changed or the government changed their tax thing. Oh, by the way, there a pandemic. So definitely I can see that the ability to adapt to those situations in business is probably just as severe, if not more than sports. Well, not only adapt, I mean, a lot of people can adapt, but do you have the ability to overcome? That the thing. Adapting just means, right, I settling for what going on now, and I just trying to survive. And there too many people that are just trying to survive, to survive in business, survive in life. Listen, you not here to survive, you here to thrive. And in order for you to thrive, you have to adjust, and you have to figure out a way to overcome. I think that that never been more relevant, maybe 2010, but other than that, than right now, in the real estate space where the rules of the game are changing so fast, the environment is changing so fast. The way a deal looks is changing. I mean, if you go and you watch film of the NBA in the nineties, they playing a game so radically different than what these guys are. I mean, basketball is basketball, but you see guys take the ball into the middle and just jump, and in midair, get shoved across the key. And that was just normal. That a foul, right? You do that now, you out of the game, they talking about you on sports center, they probably trying to cancel you on social media for violence. It completely different than what guys were doing before. And so the way that you played the game had to be different. You want a different body types, you want a different strengths profiles, you had different offenses, you would run a good shot in that environment, look different than what it like right now. And the teams that are winning are the teams that adapt and overcome. So that what I love about what we facing with COVID 19, with technology and the role that it playing in how business is done today than before. And the reason we love having people like you on, Tim, is you basically made your career out of helping people understand this is the way you need to think, Kobe Bryant thought like this, Michael Jordan thought like this. They didn care who was on the other side of the court from them, they were going to do things this way. And the people that can take that mindset on themselves are the ones that are going to win. It just doesn matter what happens with COVID 19. It doesn matter what happens with the industry. It doesn matter what happens with whoever the president is. You figure out a way to adjust to those rules and then you overcome. I want to get into your background in a minute here. But before I do, the question I want to ask you is, for people who say they want it but they don actually make that choice to whatever it takes that what I going to do, have you noticed a common theme or a pattern in what holds them back from doing it? Well, yeah. A lot of it is when they say they want. Well, what do you want? It too vague of a thing. What do you want, all right? And people say, want more money. I want more success. Hey, I give you an extra dollar. Now you just made more money. Congratulations. You won, all right? Now, what actually do you want? I get athletes all the time, and business people that work with me. They says, do anything, until they find out what my definition of anything is. Well, and the change is people look for that, where they say, 00:09:52], I want it. Define what you want and then understand do you have the ability, do you have the know how, do you have the knowledge to get in that chase? Because once you say you want something, all right, now you going to get in that chase. And are you going to be able to chase whatever you winning? What happens is people love to go straight from average to great. And I like, can do that. All right. This is what has to happen, before you can Everyone says I chasing greatness. Well, hold on, before you chase greatness, have you caught and mastered average? And then after you catch and master average, then you got to go chase and master and catch good. Then you can start chasing greatness. So when people say, I want it, they want to go right to greatness without knowing, before I get to greatness, before I become great at whatever I need to do, I have to master these steps here. It the fundamentals of the mindset, just like there a fundamentals of a basketball game. In my book, Winning, I talk about every single practice.

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