Cheap OKR Retros for Smart Teams online yard sale

ByElle Pop

Cheap OKR Retros for Smart Teams online yard sale

OKR Retros for Smart Teams Over the past month, I’ve aliexpress replica hermes rose tyrien shiny porosus crocodile birkin 35cm worked with dozens of teams to reset their OKRs for the new quarter. As teams do their retros, there is a distinct pattern in what the strongest teams celebrate, observe or learn, and decide to improve each quarter and it’s how they get stronger over time. “We just proved that when we put something out there for key results, we actually achieve it!” Fresh from the post it notes in the many retros I’ve hosted this quarter, here are examples of what teams are celebrating, observing and improving: We came together as a team to decide what mattered most! Personally satisfying to see progress and trajectory to results When we focus on key results, we really achieve them Alignment transparency is awesome WorkBoard reminded us to update OKRs weekly, which kept us focused It was cool to see our impact! Good, focused and valuable cross team discussions done while trying to clarify OKRs/what are we trying to achieve.

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