Cheap Piers Morgan’s Wife Admits She Used To ‘Bitch’ About Him With Susanna Reid Behind His Back online business for sale

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Cheap Piers Morgan’s Wife Admits She Used To ‘Bitch’ About Him With Susanna Reid Behind His Back online business for sale

Piers Morgan’s Wife Admits She Used To ‘Bitch’ About Him With Susanna Reid Behind His Back ‘s wife Celia Walden has admitted that she used to “bitch” about her husband with his former Good Morning Britain co host Susanna Reid. Celia also revealed that she thinks Susanna who was often described as Piers’ ‘long suffering on screen wife’ did “the whole wife thing” better than her because she knew how to “manage” the divisive presenter. Speaking to The Sun, Celia revealed: “We used to bitch about him behind his back together. In fact, I always felt she was better at the whole ‘wife’ thing than me. She was very good at managing him.” Celia, who married Piers in 2010, also revealed what it was like living with Piers since he was axed from his job on GMB. Celia Walden, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid (Photo: Richard YoungRichard Young/Shutterstock) “Well, I always think of that famous quote, ‘Behind every great man, there’s a woman rolling her eyes’ I am that woman,” she said. “Being married to Piers is basically one very long eye roll. But what people don’t realise about Piers is that he’s usually very quiet at home because he’s exhausted himself on whatever interview he’s been doing. “This is the only reason I am sad about him leaving GMB well, that and the fact I wake up and there he is, staring back hermes replica wallet at me morning after morning. “But really, he used to come back and by 9am was absolutely flattened, lying there on the sofa, catatonic, not bothering anyone.” She added: “Unfortunately he’s got all his energy back now. Please, someone, just give him a job! “But what’s extraordinary is that before it really was that Marmite thing with him a split between those who loved or loathed him. “But recently the attention has been 99.9 per cent positive. It’s been like walking around with a national treasure. Very odd.” READ MORE: Piers Morgan Hints At Good Morning Britain Return Boris Johnson’s In A Holding Pattern On Covid, But Is Keir Starmer Too? Denise Welch Brands Piers Morgan A ‘Fing Disgrace’ Over Naomi Osaka Comments This article originally appeared on HuffPost UK and has been updated. Speaking at a G7 meeting in London on Friday, Mr Sunak added that the world had “high expectations” for what could be agreed by the finance ministers over the two day summit. The incident involved a boat of migrants which had been zig zagging between UK and French waters in the Channel last Saturday when the Border Force cutter Valiant intervened. It went into French waters and “rescued” the migrants even though they were not in trouble but had been travelling at a “slow” pace. In findings that will reignite calls for Boris Johnson to release more school recovery funding, an analysis has found that by March this year primary school children had fallen three and a half months behind for maths and 2.2 months behind in reading. The research, published by the Education Policy InstitMichael Gove missed by EU as they accuse successor Lord Frost of stoking up tensions inNorthern Ireland Brussels misses dealing with Michael Gove, EU sources said as they accused David Frost of stoking up Unionist anger at the Northern Ireland Protocol. Lord Frost took over responsibility for negotiations with the EU over the Protocol from his fellow Cabinet member in February, amid growing fears that Mr Gove was too soft on Brussels. But one EU diplomat told : “Gove’s professional, less emotional approach was the more logical one from where we sit.” Mr Gove is said to have built up a.

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