Cheap Tears of Themis Posts tagged mo yi sale online

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Cheap Tears of Themis Posts tagged mo yi sale online

Tears of Themis Posts tagged mo yi Jiang, how long have you worked for Venus Fashion? When did you start as CEO Shen replica hermes loafers secretary? MingYue: have worked at Venus for five years, from the moment I was hired. I became CEO Shen design assistant and secretary. Shen must have trusted you to give you such an important role in her company. MingYue: Shen truly trusts me, but in the beginning, I wasn her only secretary. I had two other coworkers. busy was the company for Shen Xi to require three secretaries? MingYue: to that extent. I was originally responsible for organizing CEO Shen business schedule. My two coworkers would handle hidden matters in CEO Shen private life. On paper, their roles were secretarial, but in reality, they were more like her life assistants. They left one after the other and CEO Shen didn hire anyone to fill the role ever again. Yi: did the other secretaries leave? Was it of their own volition? MingYue: MingYue looked startled as if she had never anticipated that Mo Yi would ask her that question. She took a nervous glance at Mo Yi and then lowered her head again.)of them didn renew their contract with CEO Shen and left, and the other was fired due to violations of CEO Shen privacy. Why don you come over to my place tomorrow? I prepare tea and snacks we can share in the garden Yi:.

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