Discount Diagnostic data in Office online garage sale

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Discount Diagnostic data in Office online garage sale

Diagnostic data in Office Required diagnostic data is the minimum amount of data that hermes kelly watch replica we need to collect in order to keep the product secure, up to date, and performing as expected. For example, if an Office application crashes, certain details about the crash, that help us to diagnose and fix the problem, are collected. On the Mac the Microsoft Automatic Update is one example of a service that has to collect required data in order to keep the installed Microsoft software such as Office, Edge, Defender, Intune, Skype for Business or Remote Desktop up to date. For example, if a software update didn’t complete successfully we need to be able to troubleshoot that issue. Optional diagnostic data is data you can choose to provide, this data helps us make product improvements and provides enhanced information to help us diagnose and fix issues. For example, learning how long it takes a thumbnail version of a PowerPoint slide to render so we can improve the performance of that feature. If you choose to send optional diagnostic data, it is collected in addition to required diagnostic data. Optional diagnostic data requires your consent, and you may enable it while installing and setting up Office, or later by visiting the Account Privacy settings of any Office app.

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