Good quality replica Fantastical Banquet online yard sale

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Good quality replica Fantastical Banquet online yard sale

Fantastical Banquet It was Saturday night, and a sleek black company car was parked underneath my apartment complex. The man stood by the car and smiled kindly as he bowed, opening the car door to allow me to slip into the backseat. If I remember correctly, he should be Lu JingHe personal assistant. is an honor that you remember me, please address me casually if you wish. The young master has asked that I chauffeur you to the venue. If you may. I fastened my seatbelt, Wen Chen started the car and we hurried to the banquet location. Tonight, I will be attending an auction hosted by the PAX Group. Since the auction items were expensive, only those of elite status would be in attendance, meanwhile PAX had asked our law firm to provide on site legal advice if need be. Though I would never thought that PAX would specifically ask me to attend (The items at the auction are all one of a kind, they must be priced at least a hundred million dollars. If something was to go wrong during the transaction I don even want to consider the possibility.) A clean and fresh scent lingered in the backseat of the car, likely a trace from the previous passenger. I couldn help but think about the culprit, so I struck up small talk with Wen Chen as he drove. young master arrived at the venue an hour earlier to receive guests, that why he was unable to personally pick you up. not what I meant, I had something to ask him. I accepted the invitation, I thought that Lu JingHe would be busy with auction preparations so I didn want to bother him. All the documents regarding the auction were forwarded to me by a PAX employee as well. It advertised that the auction will showcase several priceless scrolls and works of art, and all of its proceeds will be donated to assist poor rural communities. On top of the charity auction profits, the PAX Group has pledged to match the donation.( such a grand auction, why would he invite me to attend All the starting prices are at least seven digits long, there no way Lu JingHe would expect me to participate in the bidding, right?) Wen Chen glanced at me in the rearview mirror. He must have guessed what I was thinking, as he wholeheartedly consoled me. Wen no need for you to worry, although the young master tends to leave out details, he never without reason. I believe he specifically invited you because the event requires your attendance. my attendance? why I suggest you anticipate tonight events instead of worrying about it. For example what the young master is wearing to the banquet. he wearing? this event is hermes shoes replica a formal event, the young master had the Lu Family emblem embroidered onto his suit; a twin headed serpent which breaks through the clouds. think I heard that many large families have familial emblems, the kind that passed down through many generations. it as you have said. The emblem features the serpent rushing up into the sky, bursting through the clouds in its path. This is the Lu Family message and wish for its successors, to show that they have made it. Wen Chen enthusiastic explanation, I thought back to the familiar symbol I seen around. An hour ago, the young master sat where you are currently sitting and told me that he couldn wait to see you again. Location Resort Banquet Hall (Venue) The auction was hosted at an upscale amusement resort park in Stellis City. Even the entrance to the banquet hall screamed luxury.(Even the marble flooring could be considered as a priceless treasure. The world of the rich, famous, and powerful truly comes studded with gold wait a moment in the resting area. I will go ahead and help you get registered. then I have to trouble you. Chen smiled, nodded toward me, and quickly walked toward the reception desk. I tried to tentatively look around in an attempt to mentally prepare myself. There were countless guests entering the hall, and judging from their evening wear, they were all extremely wealthy.

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