Good quality replica foot collage of fan mail after mocking AOC’s wall of Post free shipping sale online

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Good quality replica foot collage of fan mail after mocking AOC’s wall of Post free shipping sale online

foot collage of fan mail after mocking AOC’s wall of Post Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has reportedly constructed a 17 foot wall of fan mail outside her officeRep Marjorie Taylor Greene has plastered the wall outside her office with fan mail, just two years after mocking her colleague, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, for her own wall of supportive Post it notes. Photos published by Insider show a 17 foot wide collage of laudatory letters, cards, and drawings outside Ms Greene’s congressional office. “America is counting on you!” one postcard reads. “We are so thankful for your bold stand for your faith in Jesus Christ and God’s Word,” a letter tells her. “We need you! Wish I could vote for you!” another note says mysteriously. Insider reporter Eliza Relman pointed out the irony in a tweet. “Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked AOC’s wall of post it notes from fans in 2019,” the reporter wrote. “Now Greene has pasted her own fan mail all over the wall outside her office.” A deleted Facebook video recently unearthed by CNN showed that in 2019, Ms Greene at that point still a private citizen walked to the office of Ms Ocasio Cortez and verbally harassed her through a mail slot in the door. “If you want to be a big girl, you need to get rid of your diaper and come out and be able to talk to the American citizens, instead of us having to use a flap,” Ms Greene hermes birkin 50cm replica said through the opening. As she left, she mockingly rearranged the Post its of supportive messages on the wall outside, calling the office a “daycare”. Ms Ocasio Cortez was ultimately forced to remove those Post its, after maintenance officials told her they violated Capitol hallway policies. It is not yet clear whether Ms Greene will have to take down her fan mail as well. Since arriving in Congress this year, Ms Greene has obsessed over her mostly one sided feud with Ms Ocasio Cortez. She regularly accuses her of socialism and anti Americanism in her public remarks, and has badgered her in person to debate her. Ms Ocasio Cortez has mostly demurred from commenting on Ms Greene’s antics. But after CNN unearthed the Facebook video, AOC said something.”I used to work as a bartender,” she told reporters. “These are the kind of people I threw out of bars all the time.” Read More Marjorie Taylor Greene among GOP members marking Pride month with bill to ban rainbow flag at embassies Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts Democrats for comparing Republicans to Nazis, then compares Democrats to Nazis Marjorie Taylor Greene deletes tweet calling Kevin McCarthy a ‘feckless c’ in Holocaust mask row Marjorie Taylor Greene called a symptom of ‘moral and intellectual decline’ by Auschwitz Memorial More than 100k people sign petition to get Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from CongressNHS facing legal threat over plans to share millions of patients data The NHS is facing the threat of a challenge over its plans to share millions of patients data with third parties. From July 1, the way NHS Digital collects data from GPs will change to give researchers and planners easier access to anonymised medical records. But campaigners are threatening to go to court over the plan, calling it “the biggest grab of patient data in NHS history”. A coalition of five organisations, joined by the MP David Davis, has sent a pre action letter to the Department of.

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