Good quality replica From Sleeping on a Couch to Owning 20 Units in 2 Years sale online

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Good quality replica From Sleeping on a Couch to Owning 20 Units in 2 Years sale online

From Sleeping on a Couch to Owning 20 Units in 2 Years If you’re listening to the BiggerPockets podcast, you know that the only way to reach financial success is to climb the corporate ladder, right? Nope! Yet, many people still believe that the only way for them hermes best replica bags to get rich is by going above and beyond for a job, only to be let go when the company is sold or merged. This is exactly what Ayoka Moss and Robert Charles thought, until they were put in a situation where entrepreneurialism and real estate was the only option. Ayoka had serious drive, especially after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (a favorite of the BP community). Robert, on the other hand, was working as hard as he could, selling cars, breaking sales records, but once he was let go due to his company being bought out, he had open ears for Ayoka’s proposal. Ayoka and Robert decided to start wholesaling real estate, and had 6 failed deals before they finally found themselves making a profit. Once the money came in, they knew they had to do whatever it takes to reach success in real estate. Now, only a couple years later, Ayoka and Robert are living rent free, with 20 units, and 35 deals done! That’s some serious change when compared to their old W2 lifestyles. Ayoka and Robert go through how they got deals done, found mentors, and most importantly, changed mindsets to tackle what really matters. I think that proved the proof of concept. I got out the car and I just spoke to the guy and I made a couple calls. I looked up some public knowledge information on Google, and that got me 2,700 bucks. And I cannot tell you the amount of wholesale deals that we done after that, the multi families that we brought. That $2,700 was probably the best check that I ever cashed. You listening to BiggerPockets Radio, simplifying real estate for investors large and small. If you here looking to learn about real estate investing without all the hype, you in the right place. What going on? It Brandon Turner, host of the BiggerPockets podcast. And I got to tell you everybody, one of my best friends in the entire world, somebody that I just could not live without is my wife. David like, what? Oh, no, but my bestie in the entire world, David Greene here to join. What up, man? How are you doing? You not as bestie as my wife, but you bestie second to my wife. Is that okay? I okay with being second to Heather, but anybody else, I coming for them. They need to go. Well, welcome to the show. It good to have you here again. I miss you. It been like a week since we hang out in person. Thank you very much. Yes it has. And absence makes the heart grow fonder, I already starting to like you a little more. It does something. Let see, I wanted to ask you real quick before we jump into today amazing show. I know you closing on some deals in Maui and you got another big deal that you working on. Can you give everybody a quick update? Yeah, thank you for asking there. I closed on two condos in Maui where you are, and I really excited about both of those. They actually gone up six figures from the time I put them in contract to when they closed, just because of the timing and how long it took them to close, right? It was like a 12 year closing. Let give credit to where credit due. You also went after a bunch of deals. You negotiated strongly and then you got some amazing deals, way better than I got, because you good at what you do. So it not just luck, you good at it too. Well, I kind of have an upper hand because I work as a real estate agent. So I know the little nuances of what to look for, but thank you yes, for pointing that out. And it went so good. I actually putting a David Greene team in Hawaii right now so that they can help me find deals and help more of the people that come to us and say, hey, how do I do what you did? I have a crew that I can refer them to. I just big on Hawaiian real estate right now. I think we going to see a surge. I think the economy is going to do really well, and I think that buying in the best areas is something that everyone should be very conscious of. So thank you there. And then I just maybe a week ago, maybe a little bit less, put a really big retail complex under contract that I been doing due diligence on for a couple months now. That one in Minnesota. So I raising a little bit of money for anybody that want to just Minnesota with my mom and dad. Yes, exactly. [crosstalk 00:02:58]. I naming the LLC after you Brandon. All right. With that said, we got to get chatting about today show because today show is so good. We got Ayoka and Robert today. They are a couple that left their property, left their home in New York city, ended up going across the country in a rental car. Like left everything, started over with nothing two years ago, and now they done like 15 wholesale deals. They own 20 units. They killing it. And it all based on I mean, they got a lot of good stuff in today show, everything from burning their ships, if you know that analogy, to we have confidence. We talk about just overcoming fear and inaction and then just networking, how to connect with people that can help you do deals even when you don have any cash. Even though you just getting started with nothing, they go into all that and more today. It a phenomenal show, but first let get to today quick tip. One of the big enemies of success is when we look for an environment that is conducive to who we already are, and we actually try to bend other people, control other people, control an industry or an outcome to make it work for us. But successful people learn that they need to adapt to the environment they in. In fact, sometimes your best ability is adaptability. Today guests talk about specific things that they did to change the minds Did you just make that up? Hold on, we can just roll over that. The best ability is adaptability. That pretty legit. Okay, I do need to clarify. There was one time where I said, it tore up from the flora. You asked me if I made it up and we just kept talking and I didn make it up. It was in my head. I never said I made it up myself, but I didn deny that [crosstalk 00:04:57] And we got like 900 YouTube comments. Yes, it constant. I don want to become a plagiarizer like you. So no, the line that I heard was your best ability is availability and I remixed it into adaptability. So That really good though. That could be a book title. That going to be your new book title, the best ability of adaptability. Memoir of David Greene. Hardcore. Everyone I hire on my team that does well, this is what they figure out. They adapt themselves to the environment that we in. They don come in and try to change everything else. We actually just had a conversation on the lending team about the loan officer wanting an email template to send to everybody because that faster for them, but it not good for the client. And we need to adapt to the client needs, not try to make them adapt to ours. So today guests give incredibly powerful insight on specifically how they did that, how they thought before, how they think now. And they refer to it as unlabeling themselves. The label that they believed they should think, and they should do, they had to get rid of it. And I think that for, this is a really long quick tip now, but for everyone that listens, when you get done, ask yourself that same question. All right, that was today long quick tip. All right, this intro is way long enough. Let get into the interview with Ayoka and Robert. You guys are going to love this. Ayoka and Robert, welcome to the BiggerPockets podcast. Great to have you guys here.

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