Joy How to Get Your First or Next Property Step for sale online

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Joy How to Get Your First or Next Property Step for sale online

How to Get Your First or Next Property Step We often have famous guests come on the BiggerPockets podcast and talk about their deals, their businesses, and their journey. Today you’ll hear from one of the biggest real estate celebrities, Brandon Turner, as he goes through the 90 day challenge, preparing you to buy your first (or next) real estate deal in the next 90 days. You’ll hear Brandon’s story on why he went into real estate, how he grew his portfolio, and the exact steps he took to reach financial freedom and grow his portfolio to over 1,000 units! We’ll go through developing a real estate strategy, picking a niche, finding your “why”, finding a deal, marketing, financing, and calculating a real deal live on the (pre recorded) webinar! This is the hand down best place to start as a newbie investor or an investor who just wants to grab some more deals in the next 90 days. This is the BiggerPockets podcast, show 463. It doesn take 1500 properties to attain financial freedom. I hit financial freedom at the age of 27, with like 30 units. I just keep buying more, because it fun, I addicted to it, and I love doing this stuff. But it doesn take that many properties to get financial freedom, it just takes the right ones, and it takes a little bit of patience. You listening to BiggerPockets radio, simplifying real estate for investors, large and small. If you here looking to learn about real estate investing, without all the hype, you in the right place. What going on everyone? It Brandon Turner, host of the BiggerPockets podcast. I actually in the great state of Idaho right now. I on a little bit of a trip here with my family to go visit my buddy, AJ Osborne, who been on the show a couple times. But here in AJ office with my buddy, David Greene. What up David? Not technically in the office with me, but over the worldwide web. A lot of growth is happening really quick. So the real estate team is still doing well. I hired a bunch of new agents, and I looking to get them trained, the mortgage company coming along well, but same thing, we hiring loan officers. Just growing pains that every new business goes through. But they good, right, because it good to have growing pains when you doing good business. What the number one best tip for hiring people you found? I would say that what I finding right now is that, people past track record will tell you much more about how they going to work in your company than anything else. So, what I realized, I had this little epiphany where I ask someone, you got to make five phone calls a day to people you already know to tell them you an agent. If you worked at Starbucks and you didn have to talk to anyone ever, that feels like an insurmountable hurdle, and they give me so much pushback on why they don want to make these five calls. If I hire a Navy SEAL, they like, So five calls not 500, and I don have to be swimming in the water while I making it, and carrying a weight. Right? It the easiest thing ever for that person. So, it a part of human psychology that I learned when you done really hard things in the past, when you get a new opportunity, it doesn feel that hard. If you haven done something challenging when you hit a new obstacle, it can feel debilitatingly difficult. So, that something I really looking at when I hiring now, is what has this person done before? Will working for me feel easy or hard? Well, and speaking of challenging and challenges, let talk about today show a little bit. So today show is different than anything we done in a long, long, long, long time here, and that is, Dave is not actually going to be on the show, the rest of the show. It just me talking at you for like an hour and a half, and here why. So, a lot of you know, every week at BiggerPockets we do or I teach a live class, and David teaches a live class almost every week as well. We did one a few weeks back called the 90 Day Challenge, and I revamped it. I did it a few years ago, and I done it a few times over the last few years. But I revamped it a little bit for kind of where we are at in the world today and what coming. We had a few 1000 people show up, and the people that showed up have just said it was one of the most impactful things that they had attended and been to, and it changed a lot of people there. So we thought, don we put this out more than just a few 1000 people that were able to attend live, why don we put this out to the entire BiggerPockets audience? That what today show is. So today quick tip is simply to listen to the whole interview, or the whole episode. I know it longer than maybe our normal episodes are. But I just want to encourage you to listen through because I cover a lot of Basically what I doing is, I covering the six phases of a real estate investor journey, there are six phases, we going to go through each one of them today, and how you can get worked today, after you listen to this thing, how you can apply all six of those toward buying a property in the next 90 days, whether it your first property, your second, your third, whatever. We going to make sure you can get that. Now, in the show as typical if you ever been to a BiggerPockets webinar, at some point in the webinar, I usually end up talking about BiggerPockets pro because it a big part of what we do. We analyze deals, and on this episode, you going to actually hear me analyze a deal. I know you can see it, use your imagination, but we analyze the property. Sometimes on the show, we will actually give away a deal discount on a pro membership. So, I want to make sure that even though that webinar is old, not old, it a few weeks old now, and that code no longer works. We did a new code for anybody who listening to this show. So if it something that you listen and you like, you know what? I think a pro membership would be a good investment in my future. You can use the code podcastpro, one word podcastpro, and get 20% off your first year of a pro annual membership that does expire on 6/1/21 though. If you thinking about doing it, make sure you upgrade by 6/1/21. Again, the code is podcastpro. Now before we get into me talking for the next hour, I wanted to ship this over to David one more time. David, I want to know your opinion on this one ultimately important question. Why do so many people think they want to get into real estate? They talk about it, they listen to our show, they get excited about it, they listen to you, they read your book, they read my book, they read other books, they watch YouTube videos, and then a year later, they have not done anything. Five years later, they not done anything. Why? Because that really what today show is all about, is how to do this stuff. But I want to know your thoughts. Why don people do things? I think it the same answer why when someone comes to work for me, some people thrive and say, is the easiest best job I had. And other people say, is horribly ridiculous. It their expectation of what it takes to be successful. I think real estate investing is probably for what you and I see, just opposite someone who can be a rocket scientist or do something very unique, play like Michael Jordan. Real estate investing is the highest ROI you can get on your time. But it not easy. It doesn just fall into your lap but its very nature, you have to go find a property that is better than other properties that works better for the purpose you want it for and then wait. There delayed gratification, and there a lot of work that done up front that doesn turn into results right away. Very similar to other things like learning ju jitsu or getting fit. Everything good in life, you got to put the work in upfront before you get the result. And that often feels different than other things we do in life. Like I go to work and I get a paycheck right away. Even when you suck at your job, when you there, you getting paid by the hour, and there laws that protect employees to get paid really before they deserve money sometimes, it not serving them. And you get out of that world and into this world, which is a really doggy dog, love the wild, the strong survive, and it can feel really difficult. So, what sad is the people that quit before they get through that initial soreness when they first start working out, because man, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was so great, but I really think that what a big piece is, their expectations when they came in. That really good. I going to take that clip you just said, and I going to make that an Instagram post with music behind it, and it going to be a big deal. That going to go on our maybe YouTube channel. Can you put a filter on me to make me look like the rock or something like that too? Yeah. I was waving American flag behind you as you stand up and say that. This is getting better, like a bald eagle on my shoulder, like the parrot of a pirate or something. I love it, man. All right, well, let get out of this introduction and into the 90 Day Challenge, which is the six phases of the real estate investor journey. Hope y like this, and if you do, don forget to leave the ratings and reviews over on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, wherever you listen to podcasts at, and watch these videos on YouTube as well. That me. What going on everyone? Welcome to the webinar, on the 90 Day Challenge, how to buy your first or next property in the next 90 days. My name is Brandon Turner, I going to hermes replica review be your host today, with 800 and some people here right now, I suppose we going to be all over the place. Let get this thing kicked off right now, we got a lot to cover today. Today the long webinar, it will be about 90 minutes long of just fire content. In other words, it going to feel like you drinking from a fire hose, I got a lot to cover today. If you brand new to real estate, that okay, this is for you. But just know that you going to want to take some notes. Because this is not one of those webinars where I going to sell you on a $80,000 coaching program afterwards, I don have that, we don have a course even that you can pay to take. This is the information, this is what you get. I not holding anything back today. So, take some notes because it can be like drinking from a fire hydrant. A little bit of introduction here. First, I tell you a bit about who I am, what BiggerPockets is, and we going to get into the meat of this thing here in a few minutes. So first of all, let me slow down my talking a little bit. I talk very quickly, I get very excited about real estate investing. It is amazing, and it completely changed my life. More on that in a minute. So thank you for attending today. Today goal is simple. I want to share with you guys today, exactly how to get a property in the next 90 days, maybe even less. It doesn matter how much experience you starting with, how much time you can put into it. How much money you currently have, all that doesn matter. What matters to me is that you want it, if you want it, you going to find a way. If not, you find an excuse. Does that make sense.

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