Joy Old Killed After Wind Carries Trampoline Away online garage sale

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Joy Old Killed After Wind Carries Trampoline Away online garage sale

Old Killed After Wind Carries Trampoline Away A 9 year old girl, from Utah, was killed Wednesday after a gust of wind carried her trampoline, that she was playing on, over 50 yards from her house. Despite the trampoline being put together correctly, having a safety net attached, and being anchored hermes cuff replica to the ground, a gust of wind lifted it and sent it flying an estimated 150 feet. Although Oaklee was not the only child that had been playing on the trampoline, she was the only one that was left on it, putting on her shoes, when the wind gust hit. She was transported to Garfield Memorial Hospital and then later was transferred by a medical helicopter to the Primary Children Medical Center. On Wednesday, Oaklee passed away from the several injuries that she had sustained. Cheryl Church, Garfield County sheriff’s spokeswoman said, the precautions to have a safe trampoline for children to play on were met. It was just a freak type thing that happened here, that the wind would come along and pick it up and carry her away. This is a tragedy that has affected the entire county. We are so saddened and deeply sorry for what has happened. obituary describes her as a very energetic little girl who loved caring for her animals. An excerpt from the obituary reads: was here with us for nine wonderful years and was so full of life. She lived it to the fullest and shared her happiness with everyone around her.

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