Kipling Brandon and David Answered online sale

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Kipling Brandon and David Answered online sale

Brandon and David Answered Last time we did a live Q fans from all over came on to ask questions to Brandon and David. Now we’re back, hermes replica bracelets answering the questions that BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast fans have on their minds. We’ll go over a handful of questions, all from different investors in different parts of their real estate journey. Questions include: How can investors offload their unwanted properties to charities? This is the BiggerPockets Podcast show number 468. If you conservative in your numbers and you investing for cashflow, it not the world worst thing to have an area that not drastically climbing in value, because people will always need a place to rent. So if you got millions of people in the area and you got millions of properties for rent, you only got to be the top 80% to never have a vacancy. You listening to BiggerPockets Radio, simplifying real estate for investors large and small. If you here looking to learn about real estate investing without all the hype, you in the right place. What going on, everyone? It Brandon Turner, host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, which is the show you listening to right now, here with my cohost, Mr. David, the former cop, now the wise man Greene. That kind of a lame nickname for you, but we going with it. I bet you do better on the next episode. I bet I do better on the next episode. I got to think of these things ahead of time, I even asked for audience help for nicknames, and then I got a bunch of suggestions and then I don know where they are. So I going to talk with my assistant, figure out where she put those because I had some good ones in there. Anyway, doing anything fun lately? Buy any property? I bought the big one, and that one tapped me out. I back to saving up money again. So I typically turn my focus towards helping other people buy houses once that happens. I heard Grant Cardone say one time, always broke because I always buying real estate. And that was one piece of advice I thought that Grant gave that was pretty good. That is a good way of looking at that, David. The more properties you buy now, the more Lamborghinis you can have later anyway. And really, I think it just a selfless thing. I think you just want to spend all your time and effort helping the BiggerPockets audience. You a good man, David. David Greene. That so much better than wise man. You sound like a caveman, David Wiseman, David Goodman. Well, we talk about identity on the podcast today, and honestly, to be completely candid, when you the host of a podcast this influential, it affects your identity. And I think that there a lot of truth to, there pressure to keep buying properties and keep learning more and keep sharing with people what I learned through, what I did so we can help people avoid making mistakes and get them excited about buying real estate. So there actually is probably some truth to that, but that not a bad habit to have. And I speak that in today show. By the way everybody, today show is a Q episode. So we going to bring in It actually two parts, we doing today, and then we also releasing an episode on Sunday with the second half. So we talking to, I think eight, is it 10, eight or 10 people asking questions? And there are some really good questions in here. Things if I could go back and start over again, what would me and David do? When it okay to pursue multiple different real estate strategies at once? Should you invest in areas with declining populations? How do I raise more money? And we talk about the ABCD Framework. So make sure you listen for that. Common mistakes that new investors make on a regular basis and a lot more. So you going to hear those questions and more over the next two episodes, today which is episode 468 and 469. But speaking of the question on today show, we talk about identity, of course, we also talk a little bit about building a team and outsourcing and getting all that stuff done. And I know David you been doing a lot of that hiring lately. Are you still hiring? Are you still doing all that stuff, still building teams? 100%, yeah. A lot of my time has been spent Well, right now I looking to hire an admin or director of operations, someone who loves real estate, but they necessarily don want to be in sales, but they want to help organize all the chaos of what I have going out. This is one of the cool things about what we do is there lots of ways to make money in real estate other than just owning a rental property. There tons of it. So yeah, I have people that are I reaching out to trying to find someone that lives near me in Northern California that wants to come work and help organize the chaos that I create by pushing the ball forward all the time. Cool, man. That awesome. Well, I guess let get on with today show. And before we get too deep into this, let get today quick tip. Today quick tip is actually something that came up on the episode that going to air. I not sure if it the questions on this episode or the next episode, but the question we dove into was about time management. And I made the statement, everyone should take a quick two minutes right now if you not driving, two minutes, pull up your phone calendar if you use a calendar on your phone, and block off a two hour block next week for you time, for thinking time, for planning time, where no phone, no whatever. Grab a notebook, go out to nature, whatever, and just think, plan, take some time or go get a massage. Something where you won be distracted with your phone, and just take some thinking deep times. So that a quick tip for today. All right, now let get on with today show. Look, we said today is a call in show. So we got call in guests that are going to ask some questions. You going to hear a little bit about them and they going to ask the question and we going to just talk about it on the show. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. One last thing, if you like this format, please go into the BiggerPockets YouTube channel and leave in the comments that you would like more of this or that you would like more of the interview style. If you can go there and leave comments, we read those and we will make more content based on what the people would like. Hi guys. It great to be here. I wanted to just start out by saying that I going to be asking my question on behalf of. So just to give you guys a little bit of context on who we are. is a nonprofit that was started by a group of investors, myself included. And we really wanted to just turn traditional giving on its head by using buy and hold real estate to revolutionize funding in the fight against human trafficking. And so my questions really plays into that whole thing. I personally am just an investor on the side with my husband in order to be able to stay home with my family. Okay. Very cool. So tell us, what do you want to know. Sure. So my question was really inspired by an episode you did just a few weeks ago with Evan Holladay and he was really discussing how to leverage tax credits. And I just thought that was super interesting because as a nonprofit, one of the things that sets us apart from most buyers is that we can offer sellers a tax advantage. And so we wanted to understand if you guys have any experience with sellers that are interested in really maybe magnifying the freedom that they experienced through real estate by offloading any distress properties, or even selling at a discounted rate to receive a huge tax advantage.

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