Kipling Fashion and beauty brands push sustainability conversation forward for sale online

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Kipling Fashion and beauty brands push sustainability conversation forward for sale online

Fashion and beauty brands push sustainability conversation forward Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this page. Article content Sustainability is a conversation that’s largely centred around time. “Not only is the world getting warmer, the world is getting warmer fast,” renowned science educator Bill Nye says. “It’s the rate, everybody.” Renowned science educator Bill Nye is an adviser for the Canadian brand Canada Goose. Canada Goose Speaking during a virtual news conference for the Canadian brand Canada replica hermes kelly Goose, for which Nye is an adviser, the well known Science Guy stressed the importance of understanding the difference between our increasing climate change, and previous points in the planet’s climate history. “It’s not that the world didn’t used to be warmer. In ancient dinosaur times, the world was quite a bit warmer and there was more carbon dioxide in the air, by a fraction than there is now,” Nye says. “But, it’s the speed at which things are changing.” And, according to Nye, we all play a part in that escalation. “The hardest thing for people to understand or really embrace or accept, is that everything each and every one of us does affects everyone else on earth,” Nye says. “It’s a surprising thing. But the reason is that we all share the air.” In fact, a third of “anything that you do,” Nye says, whether that’s what you buy or what you eat, cumulatively impacts the planet’s air by about 30 per cent. Article content The fashion industry has long been called out for its role as a climate offender. According to a McKinsey report, the industry was responsible for creating 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, a number that amounts to about four per cent of the global total. Planning for change As more information becomes available, and awareness of the impact of one’s fashion choices is better understood, consumers are increasing their demand for better made garments that are also better for the environment. “Reducing, reusing and recycling of materials is good,” Nye says. “This is what people want to buy, are products that are responsibly and sustainably manufactured.” Nye pointed to Canada Goose’s pledge to achieve carbon neutrality with net zero emissions by 2025, as an example of a necessary benchmark in the garment business moving forward. “Most people say they’re going to be carbon neutral by 2050,” Nye says. “And that’s why I so admire Canada Goose for saying, ‘We’re not going to do this in 15 years, we’re going to do it in five years. Or six years.’ And that’s really something. “If we could all get on board with this, I mean all almost eight billion people, worldwide we could favourably effect the quality of life for generations to come.” In early 2021, the Toronto headquartered company released a new parka that aims to set the standard for the company’s sustainability goals. The design, aptly named the Standard Expedition Parka, features certified recycled polyester and organic cotton materials, responsibly sourced down, and reclaimed fur part of the company’s new Reclaimed Fur Standard that confirms the origin, process and the certification of reclaimed fur, according to Niamh Mcmanus, design director at Canada Goose.

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