Kipling How to Promote a Self Published Book target online

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Kipling How to Promote a Self Published Book target online

How to Promote a Self Published Book to find out that not everyone is as excited about your book as you are. But maybe it not that they not excited, but that they don know about your book. Check out these tips on how to promote a self published book. Do your marketing right and you start to see those sales soar. The first thing you need to have clear in your mind is who your audience is. All your marketing needs to be geared toward the right people, or else it will be in vain. Do a lot of people look at your book, but few people buy it? Perhaps you are appealing to the wrong audience. If your book is about fishing techniques, you don want to be marketing to soccer moms. Maybe some of those moms would be interested in your book, but likely not very many. But if you market to outdoor enthusiasts, you probably have a lot more success. 2. Carefully Design Your Cover The old saying goes judge a book by its cover But that exactly what everyone does. As potential buyers are scrolling through lists of books, chances are the cover is what will catch their eye not. If they like what they see, they may stop to look closer and read the description. Carefully plan your cover. Every element, down to the colors you choose, will have an effect on whether the cover catches eyes or not. Keep your audience in mind here as well. For that fishing book, you may want to use outdoorsy colors like blue, green, and brown. And make sure to keep your fonts no nonsense and clean. On the other hand, loud colors and fun, cutesy fonts would work for a children book. It all about context and the audience you trying to appeal to. 3. Write a Good Description After the image, the next most important element of your marketing is the description. The image will work to catch the reader attention. The description will hold it and possibly lead to a sale. The description should be short, concise and clearly explain what your book is about. People have short 5 second attention spans these days and won make the effort to read your description if it takes them much longer than that to read it. Unless, of course, the description is riveting and captures their attention well. 4. Learn to Use Amazon Once you get your materials looking the way you want them to, it time to start some serious marketing tactics. The biggest thing to remember when marketing your self published book is that Amazon is your friend. There are a ton of tactics and resources that Amazon alone provides to help you successfully market your book. You want your book to show up in search listings when people search for keywords related to your book. Publish in both the paperback and Kindle E book sections and take full advantage of the categories and keywords you can select for each. If you don mind staying exclusive with Amazon you can take it one step further with the KDP Select program. Be sure to take advantage of the free promotion days, countdown deals, and pay for a few Amazon Ads if you can. 5. Hand Out Freebies Handing out your book for free may seem counterintuitive at first. But it actually a really great marketing tactic. On Amazon, whether someone pays anything for your book is irrelevant. All that matters is that they downloaded your book. So, offer it up for free and scream it from the rooftops. You likely get lots of downloads. You can also offer free first chapters or the first book in a series for free to spark interest. Once you get enough, your book will start appearing in the bought suggestion boxes on Amazon. Now when people are looking at a book similar to yours, your book will show up in front of someone who will probably be interested in it. 6. Get Reviews The other benefit of getting lots of downloads is getting reviews, which are super important. Be sure that when you promoting your free download you suggest that readers leave a review. Of course, you have to ask for honest opinions, but if your book is awesome that shouldn be a problem. Having lots of good reviews helps other readers to see that people have read and enjoyed your book. This encourages replica hermes osmose ring new buyers to take the plunge because they see that other people have enjoyed it. It also helps to get your book higher in the search rankings. This is ideal because more people will find it.

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