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From Where I Stand My attitude towards the major faiths of the world is no different from my attitude towards Greek Mythology: It supplies iconic encapsulations of various human conditions (War, Love, Death, etc.) and other Jungian archetypes; it contains important, basic life lessons (continuity of community knowledge); it provides a rubric against life’s dangers and struggles (there are no anti mythologists in ancient Greek foxholes); and it points us towards the realization that communal effort is more fruitful than the every man for himself lifestyle. The conscious mind prefers a foundation of meaning and ambition without that foundation, consciousness becomes a problem so many questions unanswered, even un addressed. And a shared foundation, agreed to by all the community, is even better it unites us in our journey towards a better future and a legacy for hermes leather cuff replica our offspring. This foundation has evolved as our civilization matures and that evolution is one of the ‘seams’ that are ‘showing’ on today’s faiths none of them predated all others and more primitive beliefs predate them all. Perhaps the refusal to accept biological evolution is symptomatic of the fundamentalists’ unconscious fear of a discussion on religious evolution. They speak of ‘God’ as if speaking of the creator and maintainer of our world a role that predicates an unchanging being. An unchanging entity would have given us the right religion the first time the evolving of beliefs throughout history clearly labels religion as a product of people, not a gift from the one they worship. As our religions changed, and continue to change, we have but two options: religion is useless because we can’t find a real connection between ourselves and the creator, or we will never direct our prayers to the true creator because we are caught up in a human’s eye view of our world. Either way, religion becomes more problem than solution yet, as mentioned above, we are more comfortable with any religion than no religion at all. Hence the Scientologists L. Ron Hubbard clearly states that religion should be designed to fit society, not some imaginary deity. He thus combined two problems to make a solution those of us too skeptical to believe in a spiritual god should found religious institutions for the benefit of those who require the security and innate purpose that religions provide. In this way, social change can be enhanced by religion rather than retarded by it. But I find that whole ‘dynamism’ thing kind of a con job and I see no point in replacing one unintended fiction with another fiction born of intentional lying. I see the difficulty as one of maturity if we can ever mature to the point where we can wrestle with the questions of existence and creation, then we can replace our old superstitions with a new science. Until then, atheists like me will perpetually struggle against fundamentalists. Even the fact that many self described ministers are patently, provably snake oil salesmen does not detract from the grip that religion still holds on our society.

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