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ByElle Pop

Premium replica salt and popcorn in holographic QCD online business for sale

salt and popcorn in holographic QCD PDF Accepted Version 4MbAbstractThe Sakai Sugimoto model is the leading model of holographic QCD. It has an effective five dimensional description in which baryons correspond to the bulk topological solitons of a Yang Mills Chern Simons theory. However, the large dimensionality of the model means studying soliton solutions either analytically or numerically is difficult. Sakai Sugimoto solitons in the high density limit should provide an analogue of cold, dense QCD. Two competing theories for high density solutions are the dyon salt model, in which the appropriate crystal is a best replica hermes scarves salt like arrangement of dyons, and the baryonic popcorn model in which a series of transitions occurs where the three dimensional soliton crystal develops extra layers in the holographic direction. In this thesis we consider a range of low dimensional analogues and approximations to the Sakai Sugimoto model. We first investigate an O(3) sigma model stabilised by vector mesons, and a baby Skyrme model in pure AdS spacetime, before moving on to consider homogeneous anstze in both the holographic baby Skyrme and full Sakai Sugimoto models. In each case we look for analogues of the dyon salt and baryonic popcorn configurations, and find evidence for new features in the high density regime of holographic QCD.

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