Quality replica BiggerPockets Podcast 465 online garage sale

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Quality replica BiggerPockets Podcast 465 online garage sale

BiggerPockets Podcast 465 If you don’t feel amped up to accomplish your goals, you definitely will after this episode. You’ve probably seen Ryan selling ridiculously nice (and expensive) homes on TV, but today you’ll be the private audience to hear his backstory, his work ethic, and how he developed his big confidence. Ryan moved to New York to become the next big star in theatre, but after seeing the financial position of those “successful” actors he looked up to, he made a pivot. Ryan got his real estate license and started listing apartments to pay his bills, but was given a golden opportunity when an foreign buyer specifically chose him to find her next multi million dollar home in New York City. Ryan still remembers the lack of confidence he felt when he got the listing, and knew the only thing to do was educate himself and practice his pitch. Long story short, he helped the buyer find her dream home, and the rest is history. You’ll hear Ryan talk about the importance of confidence, not only in this podcast, but in his new book Big Money Energy. Brandon and David both agree with Ryan on how important, and often undervalued, having confidence is. I am very, very focused on making sure that my future self doesn come back in time and kick my ass for not putting in the work today to make his life better because I don care about my life today. To be honest. I want to live it to the best of my ability, but it over today. I can change what I did yesterday. I did it already. I want to work and do as much as I can today for future me. So how can I be future me today? You listening to BiggerPockets Radio, simplifying real estate for investors, large and small. If you here looking to learn about real estate investing, without all the hype, you in the right place. What going on everyone? It Brandon, the host of the here with my co host, Mr. David, the BRRRR full man, Greene. You like that? BRRRR full. I don know. People that have no idea you wrote a book called BRRRR have no idea what I talking about, but what up David Greene I excited to have you on the show today talking with a real estate agent. One of your kin, I guess you could say. Not literally kin. We don get to do that very often, but this is exciting. We get to talk to someone who at the top of his game, real estate broker like me. He on the East Coast. I on the West Coast. He on TV. I on a podcast. Potato, potato. Pretty much the same thing. He written some books, you written books. He got 25 million people that love him, whatever. We get to that in a minute. David, I love you too. Thank you, Brandon. You worth 25 million to me. I love Ryan Serhant. This show, we just got finished recording, it was phenomenal. I think you guys are going to love every second of it. You don have to be a real estate agent to care about this show. In fact, we don really talk much about brokerage or agent stuff. We just talk about general principles for success in any area, specifically a lot about energy. Now, you might be thinking like, lame. Why are they talking about energy? Foo foo stuff. No, what I talking about is the way you portray yourself to the world around you and how that leads to so much success. We talking about a guy here who went from living out of some crappy apartment, eating rice and beans to making millions of dollars a month in his business, and you going to learn the exact characteristics and traits that took them there. So all that and more to come, but first, let get today quick tip. Today quick tip is very simple. Ryan, our guest today, wrote a book called Big Money Energy and I would highly recommend checking it out. Now Ryan is the star of a TV show, actually several of them and you might be thinking, TV show guy. I not going to read his book. Read his book. It is phenomenal. I wish I would have read this book 20 years ago. This thing would have changed my life. I going to even give this to every college graduate. I think it going to be my go to graduation gift for kids because I wish everyone would read this jfk desk blotter replica hermes book. So it help you in every area of life. Check it out. That today quick tip. With that, we going to get on with today show. Hey, real quick note about today show, it important. Ryan, our guest is awesome, but he curses like a sailor. So just FYI, if you got kids with you in the car, you may want to throw some earmuffs on or listen to it a different time, but we warning you now here so that you don freak out later and be like, never told me. I telling you right now. So be warned, but again, you going to love this show. It phenomenal. So without further ado, David, anything you want to add before we get into the interview? No, Ryan crushes it. I just excited to bring him to the BP community. Here we go. Let get to our interview with Ryan Serhant. From struggling actor to struggling real estate agent to figuring out a thing or two about what it really takes to succeed at life, to being the star of Million Dollar Listing New York. He done over $4 billion in sales now. He makes millions of dollars every single month. Recently helped sell the second most expensive house in American history. Ryan Serhant, welcome to the show, man. Thank you so much for having me, man. This is awesome. I been looking forward to this for a while. Well, sweet. Well, let dig into this thing. So I devoured your book over the last couple of days. I have 4 million questions to ask you today, but we won get to them all but we got a few we dying to here. So first question, Big Money Energy. I want to know what the heck is Big Money Energy because this is the concept that actually I fell in love with. I guess I got to take it back for a second. Big Money Energy is my second book. My first book was called Sell it Like Serhant which was really my sales toolkit for the gig economy. For real estate agents, yes, but for anyone who in the business of sales, which is everyone. I put that together over the course of 10 years. I got into the real estate business the day Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, in 2008 and taught myself how to sell, how to rent apartments, how to build a sales career, how to follow up, how to structure my day, all of that, over the course of the next 10 years. Everything that I learned, everything I knew about how to talk to people, how not to talk to people, how to communicate in general, and how to operate as an entrepreneur who has to wake up every day with no inventory other than what other people control, and go make a percentage off of that, I put into that first book. But what I didn put into, it became very clear to me once I put it out, because a lot of people read it, and they said, after reading your book, I know what to do. I know exactly how to build my career. I know how to sell, I know what to do, but I can I freaking out. I 18 no one going to trust me. I have imposter syndrome. I in a new city. I tried to open my mouth, but my palms are sweaty, my stomach is in knots. So what I realized was, wait a minute. So Sell it Like Serhant, which then became a show on Bravo, which then became a large online sales course, which we have now and it been a big part of our business where we teach people how to sell all over the world, it is a toolkit, but the secret sauce is being able to have the confidence to use it. You can give anyone a toolkit and say, build a house, but if they don have the confidence to put up that house and make that foundation and do the carpentry and do the plumbing then they book smart, but they not street smart. So Big Money Energy is really big magnetic energy. It all about how to adjust your mindset, so that you can start attracting success immediately and start becoming the person that you absolutely know that you can be. One of the big things for me when I got into this business was I not from New York City. I wasn born a real estate agent. The last thing I ever wanted to do in my life, was sell anything. I came to New York City to do theater. I thought I was going to be doing Shakespeare on Broadway till the day I died. Turns out, you need to make money to live in New York City and they don teach you that in theater school. So I had to figure out how to pay my bills and I didn want to have a job that tied me down and wouldn let me audition. So that rolled out waiting tables, bartending and temp work and I didn want to go back to school. A friend said, get your real estate license. It the greatest thing in the world. You make your own hours, rent an apartment every month or so and you pay your bills and do whatever else you want. I just became addicted to the business. I became addicted to the limitless possibilities, but I didn have a suit and I saw all these people, these big brokers, bankers, developers, attorneys, they walk into a room or just walk down the street with that air of confidence that they knew what they were doing. You know those people when you see them. You trust them and you haven even talked to them. I would do what that guy says. He clearly looks like he knows what he doing or she got her shit down. I don have that. I don have that. So I had to create it and that what Big Money Energy is all about. It how do you create the confidence that you know you have in five years, but how do you do it today, so that you don waste time.

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