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Quality replica Both Ends of the Scale free shipping sale online

Both Ends of the Scale In response to everybody questions, we here to answer a few What kind of game is Tears of Themis? Otome, targeted at females, or targeted at all genders? A: Tears of Themis is a suspenseful inferential romance mobile game developed by Mihoyo. As an otome game, besides the target hermes replica earrings male characters, we also have many NPC with all sorts of personalities, so stay tuned. Q2: Jiang GuangTao, Zhao Lu, Yang TianXiang, Jin Xian, I very happy! Will there be a simultaneous Japanese voice over? A: There will be a Japanese version in future updates, please follow the official channel for future announcements on who the specific voice actors will be (^_ Will there be a reward for registering on the official website? A: The official website registration reward is being prepared, and has already been arranged. Q4: After seeing the PV, the in game CGs will all move? And there will be video calls? A: Yes, not only the characters themselves, but even the backgrounds have dynamic effects. In addition, as the plot develops, the CGs will also change. The video calls are a separate in game feature; we have set an exclusive custom animation for each sentence. In fact, he already appeared in the PV, can you all guess where? Q8: Will this game have a sort of deja vu sense? A: Everyone is welcome to test. If you have such concerns, come participate in our beta test! You can be the first to play and review the game. At the same time, you are welcome to communicate with us on the server. We have someone specially collecting players feedback; we will read every one. Q9: I encountered a problem when registering or filling out the survey, who should I contact?At the same time, everyone is welcome to join the official QQ groups: Tears of Themis Official Group 1: 772971770 (Already Full) Tears of Themis Official Group 2: 791912265 (Already Full) Tears of Themis Official Group 3: 792699658 (Already Full)[Previous Chapter] [Masterlist] [Next Part](The nameless student I met earlier brought me to the new exhibition hall, and it was there that I met Mo Yi by chance.).

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