Replica designer size Effects in Holography online for sale

ByElle Pop

Replica designer size Effects in Holography online for sale

size Effects in Holography PDF hermes herbag replica Accepted Version 4MbAbstractWe study holography in the sense of the anti de Sitter/conformal field theory (AdS/CFT) correspondence, where the field theory lives in a compact space. We first review some aspects of the AdS/CFT duality. We then discuss our work on finite size corrections to the drag force exerted on a quark in the quark gluon plasma. Interestingly, the finite size effects yield a drag force with decreased magnitude, which is opposite to what is seen in many situations with Newtonian fluids. We then turn to meson excitations in a holographic description of N=2 supersymmetric Yang Mills theory at finite size. In contrast to other related systems reported in the literature, the first meson excitation is an SO(4) charged scalar meson instead of a vector. Intriguingly, there is also a cross over between the vector and scalar meson spectra as a function of the system size. Finally, we discuss the extension of this system with a magnetic Kalb Ramond field. We find intriguing new structure in the phase diagram of the system, and investigate possible causes for an apparent mass gap in the spectrum.

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