Replica designer Tears of Themis target online

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Replica designer Tears of Themis target online

Tears of Themis Location Themis Law Firm Reception Area (My arrival seemed to have made Lu HaiYang lose his will to fight. He hesitated and left without causing more trouble. After he left, Xue XinRan let out the sigh she had been holding and crumpled to the floor. Restaurant? The private gourmet kitchen that has been trending recently for food poisoning cases, that QingPing Restaurant? stuff they been saying online is false! Grandpa Fang built our restaurant to commemorate his late wife, and we always had a good reputation ever since we opened twenty five years ago. The recent food poisoning reports, they should be an accident and nothing more Ran: Xue, what kind of person is Fang and what is your relationship to him? Yuan is Grandpa Fang full name, and he is the owner of the restaurant. Grandpa Fang has always supported less fortunate students, and I am one of many. I would never been able to attend Stellis University without Grandpa Fang support. Ran: purpose of your visit today, is it because there are already customers who have filed lawsuits against the restaurant? Grandpa Fang had originally agreed to pay the settlement, but the customer suddenly raised the settlement by a staggering amount, and Grandpa had to refuse. The customers banded together to hire someone from Bader Law Firm, and they plan to sue Grandpa Fang. Bader Law Firm again Law Firm is Stellis City largest law firm. Ever since their so called card lawyers lost a case to Zuo Ran, Bader has considered us to be their biggest competitor, and never misses a chance to bump heads. Honestly, no one at Thermis has taken it to heart, although it sure looks like the other party pride has been sorely wounded Fang was so upset by their actions, he almost had a heart attack. Thanks to Bader actions, Grandpa has lost his trust in lawyers and refuses to appear in court with one. But the trial starts next Wednesday, and if we don find hermes hac 50 replica a lawyer that will take our case, even if we were wronged, we won be able to prove it. We really I I not quite sure how we can go about this worry Miss. Xue, let focus on carefully sorting out the situation; what happened before and after the incident. How about I lead with some questions; all you have to do is answer to the best of your ability. Interrogation Start! [The interrogation section requires you to ask about certain topics until you receive the required about of clues (this chapter requires 3 clues). All others are extra information about the case.] [About the man at the reception area]was the man you were arguing with at the firm reception area? name is Luo HaiYang, and he MeiWeiKa sales manager. you referring to the ratings and reviews app, MeiWeiKa.

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