Replica designer Video captures mother accidentally shooting her own son as she fired at neighbor’s dog online garage sale

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Replica designer Video captures mother accidentally shooting her own son as she fired at neighbor’s dog online garage sale

Video captures mother accidentally shooting her own son as she fired at neighbor’s dog “Bruno! Bruno! Get over here,” a man is seen calling his dog, while he bounds away from him. The man follows after the dog as he runs in the direction of the house over the road, continuing to call his dog’s name.A few seconds later, a series of gunshots is heard, and then a child lets out a piercing scream.It is understood that the child screaming was the son of Angelia Mia Vargas, 24, who was arrested and charged with a count of deadly conduct discharge of a firearm following the incident that took place on 29 May at 2.15pm, according to statement by Houston Police Department.The child is reported to be in hospital recovering from his injuries, which are thought to be not fatal.At the time of Ms Vargas’ arrest, the owner, who wished to remain anonymous spoke to ABC13 News about what he had witnessed.”I came out of my house because Bruno was barking and barking. I thought my brother was coming,” he said to the outlet. “So, I open the door just a little bit and he comes running out.”He also spoke about the trauma that witnessing it had left on him, saying it had impacted his dreams. He also wished that Ms Vargas would have chosen to talk to him about his dog’s behaviour, instead of shooting him.”She could have handled it differently. You know, she was there, her husband was there, I was there, nothing would have happened. Nothing bad like that,” he said, and reported that Bruno been slightly injured on his paws from the gun fire.The state’s governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign the bill HB 1927, nicknamed ‘Constitutional Carry’, which will make it easier for residents to purchase a handgun. It’ll remove the need for a license to own a firearm therefore cut out training, background checks and the exchange of personal information. Supporters of the legislation say that it will restore the true essence of the Second Amendment. Speaking at a G7 meeting in London on Friday, Mr Sunak added that the world had “high expectations” for what could be agreed by the finance ministers over the two day summit. The incident involved a boat of migrants which had been zig zagging between UK and French waters in the Channel last Saturday when the Border Force cutter Valiant intervened. It went into French waters and “rescued” the migrants even though they were not in trouble but had been travelling at a “slow” pace. During a maritime radio conversation, aNicola Sturgeon hermes bracelet replica cheap forced to reassure parents over misleading Covid claimsNicola Sturgeon has been forced to reassure parents that the risk to children from Covid 19 is “very low” after her Health Secretary made “scaremongering” claims which were dismissed by doctors. The First Minister stressed that nobody in the Scottish Government “is trying to alarm people” and that Humza Yousaf “used a word that was not the correct word to use” when he claimed 10 young children had been hospitalised in the last week “because of Covid”. Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross haMax Verstappen ‘can’t be bothered’ with mind games during Lewis Hamilton F1 world title fightMax Verstappen says he “can’t be bothered” playing mind games with Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen arrived in Baku for Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix leading the drivers’ championship for the first time in his career after winning in Monaco. In findings that will reignite calls for Boris Johnson to release more school recovery funding, an analysis has found that by March this year primary school children had fallen three and a half months behind for maths and 2.2 months behind in reading. The research, published by the Education Policy Instit.

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