Replica evening malixa’s cc finds for sale online

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Replica evening malixa’s cc finds for sale online

malixa’s cc finds rocket pop lipsticku know those hot summer days where ur lips melt hermes bracelet enamel replica instead of. the popsicle ur eating. no.? well this lipstick will help u understand!! cleverly named after that one popsicle that looks like a Honey Skinblend // 1,000 Follower Milestone Gift (pt. 2) friends, i finally got around to learning how to make a skinblend, so i whipped up this simple lil overlay that combines my most used skin details. i really just made it for myself to use and to free up some of my skin detail slots, but i figured i might as well share it with you guys! if you like it, great! if not, don tell me bc i like it and tbh that what matters eheheee. i included 8 swatches to provide some options for eye highlight, nose contour, full face brightening, or combos of everything! i hope u like it as much as i doooo.

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