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Wholesale replica investorgirlbritt Used to Go from Amateur to Pro Investor free shipping

investorgirlbritt Used to Go from Amateur to Pro Investor There has been a great feud between Brittany Arnason and Host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon Turner. Both best online sites to sell replica hermes wallets of them have done lots of renovations on houses, secured millions in funding, and live right next to the beach in Maui, but only one of them has won a “quickest person to get to 200,000 followers on Instagram” battle. We’re happy to have the winner on our show as a guest today! Brittany started out her real estate journey when she was 18 years old, buying her first rental property and tackling a multitude of different DIY projects. If you haven’t heard her story, you can check it out on episode 320. Now she’s back to talk about how she moved to Maui, hired out her employees, secured funding on commercial deals, and used social media to get her deals and connections. Her biggest advice to new investors, “jump in before you’re ready”. You won ever have all the answers, but those who get started will finish far ahead of those who always dream about being an investor. You can also help ease the stress and unforeseen speed bumps by getting in groups with other investors, following those you look up to on social media, and becoming a resource for future mentors. But it true, it just these problems come up and then you solve them. I used to think when I first got started in real estate, wish someone would just hold my hand and tell me exactly what to do. But there not going to be that person and you have to be that person for yourself and just be able to know that you not going to have all the answers and you going to have to solve the problems along the way. Don get caught up in all the details of solving them before they even happen. You listening to BiggerPockets Radio, simplifying real estate for investors, large and small. If you here looking to learn about real estate investing without all the hype, you in the right place. What going on everyone, it Brandon Turner host of the BiggerPockets Podcast here with my cohost, Mr. David top 10 Greene. What up man? I heard you broke the top 10 of all Keller Williams agents of all of them, of hundreds of thousands of them. Is that true? The third one is what everybody misses, is you can make this industry work around you. You are working for the client. You have to set up your life to work around them. Awesome man. Well, here the thing, there are a lot of amateur real estate agents out there. And then there are a very few who are professional, they pros, kind of the Steven Pressfield use of the word pro. And speaking of that kind of mentality or that thought process, today show is actually very much about turning from amateur to pro. And our guest today is Brittany Arneson. Am I saying Arneson right? Good job. Today quick tip is actually brought to you by David because there is The reason I want David to talk about it for a second is because it so hard to find real estate deals right now. If you an investor, it really hard to find real estate deals. So you have to be using a good real estate agent. David, why is that? Because it is ridiculously hard to get a deal. Just frankly put they haven been building houses, inflation has been continuing to occur. People care more about having a house than they ever did before because COVID showed us that you can guarantee that things are always going to be open. So you are now not competing with the seller. A lot of people have that in their mind is it the buyer versus seller. No, no, no. It the buyer versus the other 12 people that want that house as well. And you might grossly overpay, make a terrible decision based on bad information that you got from your agent or a lack of information that you never got, or you might get a steal paying over a lease price and ended up with a property that praises for much more than you paid. Stakes are higher than they ever been, which means you need counsel more than you ever needed it. And the agent you have guiding and representing you is more important than ever before. There you go. So where do people go to find a good real estate agent David Greene? What our quick tip? You want to go to BiggerPockets to get paired with a real estate agent that understands investing. So it very simple. If you just hover over the little bar that says network, and then click on real estate agents, you can find an agent in your area and then not only find the agent but look and see what their track record is. If you search my company, David Greene Team, you can see that we worked with probably around 200 clients or so at this point and see the properties that they bought, who they are, the reviews that they left. You could direct message them and say, what was it like? What was good? What was bad? You can get to know that agent before you just jump into bed and say, we committed. Let do this thing. So I highly recommend using BiggerPockets to find the person that a right fit for your personality and your goals. There you go. Just so you guys are aware, listening, it might sound like an advertisement and we are kind of jokingly making it sound like one but reality we just talking about some that totally free. So this is not a paid service that you have to go and pay money to get connected with an agent. We just literally want you to connect with a good agent because we know there so many bad ones out there. Now is it guaranteed they going to be good if they on BiggerPockets? Of course not, but you have a much higher likelihood of finding one if they on a real estate investing website and they committed to helping people and answering questions and all that. So check it out. Again, go to BiggerPockets, go to network. And that is today longest, quick tip of all time. Now, hey, one quick tip for everybody watching this on YouTube. Do me a favor, if you like this video, if you think this is a good video, leave a comment below asking Brittany any questions. As we go through this today, just ask her questions. She pop it in there and answer them. With that said, I think it time to get into today show. So without further ado, and you already met her, because she already here in the shed with me, Brittany, welcome to the BiggerPockets podcast again, how you doing? Again, thanks for having me back. So true story, this was supposed to happen a month ago. And David flew in to Maui just to do this recording in person between the three of us. And then I got COVID and so I think that what shut that one down. I know we rescheduled this like five times rescheduled. Ryan Serhant rescheduled on us. So we had some really good shows that were lined up. And so I ended up It was supposed to be in person and then you were just here for nothing. We had to hang out and not do a podcast, that was weird. But for those who did not listen to that show, can you give a quick one minute summary of who are you, how you get into real estate, what did you do beforehand and your initial first few years in the real estate? Yeah. So you could call me investor girl Britt, you just skip the last name, right? Yeah, that why I was like Arneson, am I saying your name? Because I never see your last name. I don even call you Brittany.

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