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Wholesale replica Lucy The Movie bitterroot online yard sale

Lucy The Movie Sometime back I read somewhere where Albert Einstein had been quoted saying that we only use 10% of our minds. Well if one looks round and sees what is happening in the world, even that is debatable. How much of your mind are you using? In reality we are striving every day to harness more and more brainpower, but at what cost? Then based on another factor, that we all supposedly derived from a female ape lady called Lucy, (some many millions of years back), the story of Lucy, the movie, starts to drive forward. Act One Introduction. Enter into the modern day, hustle and bustle world of today, where organized crime seems to be an absolute norm, and here stuck in a palatial skyscraper office, we find our antagonist, (Mr. Jang) ruthlessly played by Choi Min ‘sik, Mr. Jang is running a vicious drug cartel and could well be part of the mob. Although we never really find out if that is the case or whether he is a Satan running the world by himself. Sometimes with the amount of power he unleashes, it may well seem so. He willy nilly kills people like flies and seem to have a complete disdain for all of human life. The only bell that rings in his warped mind is the sound of the almighty dollar. He is a man on a mission and man who does not take no for an answer. Jang has in his hands a potential billion dollar find. A new untested and untried dangerous super drug. He has cunningly hatched a drug mule program, where luckless people are being rounded up against their wills to have this new super mind enhancing drug forcefully put inside of them. From there, these mules, whether they like it or not, under pain of death, are under his control. Lucy, the prolific and effervescent, Scarlet Johansson, finds herself ensnared in this trap and is being geared to be sent to one of the corners of the world where the cartel will be able to extract the drug from inside of her and get it out into the market place. She is just one of the many luckless mules destined for this perilous journey Right in the beginning of the story, she is made to sample the drug and we soon see that this new wonder drug has a very special kick. One wonders why Jang did not heed the warning signs then. I know I would have. Lol. Enter Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) and a interweaving of cleverly written and edited scenes as he relates the story of mans progress through the ages in relation to the use and the understanding of the human mind. “What if man were to harness the use of more than 20% of their minds?” he asks a seemingly distinguished panel of fellow colleagues. Lucy gets kicked in the stomach by one of her captors after she refuses hermes herbag replica his amorous advances, and the game is on. Slowly but surely more and more of the wonder drug is being released into her system. As it does, more and more of her mental faculties are being unleashed and a once captured and beaten soul becomes more and more of a formidable enemy. “What is man were to harness 30% of their mind?” Professor Norman asks. Lucy decides to turn the tables on her captors. In the guise of a cross between a Matrix superstar and wonder woman herself, she unleashes more and more of her awesome, and to date, hidden and immersed powers. Along the way she befriends a police officer, Pierre Del Rio played by Amr Waked, and together they take on the devil and his minions. Mr. Jang and his thugs are willing to do anything that it takes to get their drug back. Think back to the Transporter and you will see the fight scene influences. This is a Sci Fi thriller in the best tradition of the Blade Runner and the Fifth element. It moves along nicely and will keep any thrill seeker on the edge of their seats, whilst at the same time gently educating the more conservative inquisitive audience on the authenticity of the story, especially in relation to the sciences. Sciences pertaining to neural pathways and DNA structures. Sciences that suppose that getting into control of more than 20% of your mind are a fallacy anyway! I found this part of the story a very good parallel to jump to make, from in and out of crazy wild machine gun, bullet firing fight scenes. The Movie is well directed and nicely written by Luc Basson. Luc Basson may well be on his way towards becoming Frances answer to A Stephen Spielberg. Here is a list of impressive films this stalwart has been involved in to date.

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