Wholesale replica The Tarot Root for sale online

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Wholesale replica The Tarot Root for sale online

The Tarot Root I haven talked about my Patreon recently and I know I have some new followers (Hello everyone!) so here a little bit about my Patreon I started up on the 1st of August Patreon is kind of my baby right now, and it still an ever evolving, ever growing project! All of the information I share here on Tumblr for free comes from my Patreon. There even more content on my Patreon that I made free to the public as my continuing mission to make Tarot and divination accessible to everyone from all walks of life. What you get for pledging even $1 allows me to continue putting out content for everyone enjoyment and learning. You also get a 1 card reading from me each month and you be invited to my private Discord server where more conversation and sharing is taking place. The Discord server allows Tarot readers and diviners experts, and everyone in between help each other along on their journey. There a channel for Tarot interpretations where we help each other interpret our readings. There a channel where we choose a topic of the week (for example: the Court cards, etc.) We also have a movie night and a monthly book club. And as the server grows, you be able to make suggestions for additional topics we can cover. Like I said: this is my Patreon in its infancy. It up to you guys how you like to see it evolve! The more you pledge, the more you get and hermes garden party bag replica the more in depth readings you get from me that include Oracle and Lenormand readings to go alongside the Tarot to deepen the insight. I also have a few specials going on: If you pledge $15 or more, you receive a thank you package from me that includes a hand written thank you letter, a button with logo on it, an art sticker (featuring art from me!), and a piece of clear quartz crystal. This is while supplies last. If you pledge $35 or more, you automatically receive a free Rider Waite Tarot deck. That going on until August 31st. I also have plans to give away free art prints (again, illustrations by me), witchy care packages (mini altar kits, herb satchels, spell phials, etc.), books, tarot decks (I be giving away a Night Sun Tarot when I reach 25 patrons), and more. But these will only be available to patrons. I can only extend myself so far without receiving in return. So if any of this interests you, I would love it if you could check out my Patreon, even if all you do is scroll through it and give me feedback on how I could improve it! I accepting any and all input on how to make my Patreon better serve you. PatreonThanks for reading and checking it out! I appreciate you guys and all the support you given me and light.

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