World replica Frequently Asked Questions online sale

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World replica Frequently Asked Questions online sale

Frequently Asked Questions What is News24? News24 is the leading digital news publication in South Africa and offers breaking news on national and world affairs, as well as business, sport, entertainment, arts and more. It includes Fin24, Sport24, Channel24, Health24, Arts24, Parent24, Wheels24, W24, Ride24 and Business Insider SA. For more information about who we are, go to About Us. In August 2020, News24 launched a subscription service that allows readers to pay a monthly fee in order to access exclusive stories and features. While most stories are still free to read, subscribers enjoy full access to select investigative reporting, opinions, analysis, podcasts, video documentaries and more. What’s the difference between signing up and subscribing? Signing up for a News24 profile is completely free and gives you access to features such as bookmarks, weather and traffic. When you subscribe for R75 per month, you have access to all stories on News24 including the ones that are subscriber exclusive. As a subscriber, you are also able to read and post comments, listen to articles, unlock subscriber only articles for friends, read the e editions of magazines such as YOU, Fairlady, Finweek, home and go!, as well as sign up for personalised and exclusive newsletters. How do I become a News24 subscriber? You can subscribe by clicking on the red ‘Subscribe’ button at the top of your screen. You will be prompted to enter your credit card details or debit order information. You can also pay via Apple Pay and Google Pay. An EFT payment option is not currently available. Note: You can have multiple subscriptions on one credit card detail. Why should I subscribe to News24? When you subscribe to News24, you are supporting a sustainable future for trustworthy journalism that contributes to the health of our democracy. As a subscriber, you’ll get unlimited access to all News24’s journalism, including opinion and analysis, video documentaries, podcasts, investigative reporting and more. You also have full online access to the e editions of your favourite Sunday newspaper City Press, as well as magazines such replica mens hermes bracelet as YOU, Fairlady, go!, home, Finweek and TrueLove. Why should I sign up for a News24 profile? It’s easy, quick and free and comes with benefits such as getting your personalised weather and traffic updates! Just click ‘Sign in’ at the top of the screen and follow the easy steps. How do I sign up? Click ‘Sign in’ at the top of your screen. On the next screen, look for the ‘Sign up for FREE’ link that you can click to create a profile. You can sign up using any of the social sign in options provided or by entering your email address and password. If you have previously signed up and forgotten your password, please click on the ‘Reset password’ or ‘Create a password’ link to continue. Note that once you have signed up using social sign ins, you must continue signing in using the social media buttons below, you must not enter the email address associated with the registered social media account as it will be recognised to already exist on our platform. What features will be available to me if I sign up for a free News24 profile? I’ve signed up for a free News24 profile in the app. Why can’t I see my profile preferences on my computer? When you sign in for the first time on your computer, you need to create a password to have your profile preferences synced across all the devices you want to use. Next time you want to sign into the News24 app or mobile site, you will be prompted to enter your password so that your profiles are perfectly synced across your devices. Why am I blocked from seeing certain articles? Certain articles are for subscribers’ exclusive access. If you are a paid subscriber, you will need to be logged in on the device you are using in order to see these articles. Yes. The usual up to the minute current affairs, crime, sport, business and entertainment news is all still available for free.

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